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Rudderfish long-finned pike--razorfish menhaden paradise fish, barramundi oceanic flyingfish.


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DGB Group, founded in 1957, is a reputable brand with a rich history. They specialize in providing nature-based projects that offer large-scale originate carbon credits and biodiversity projects. These projects are accredited by third-parties in carbon offsetting, making them reliable and trustworthy.

DGB Group offers a wide range of products and services to help individuals and businesses achieve net zero emissions. They provide services such as ESG reporting, case studies, and practical solutions to offset emissions. Additionally, DGB Group helps integrate trees, biodiversity credits, and plastic credits into businesses, promoting sustainability and environmental conservation.

In terms of investments, DGB Group offers opportunities for individuals to become shareholders, with a focus on sustainable investments. They also provide green bonds investment and carbon project financing, both of which have numerous benefits for investors and the environment. DGB Group is dedicated to promoting a sustainable future through their initiatives in the carbon market, carbon pricing, carbon finance, and live carbon credit prices.

They also offer resources, insights, and updates on nature conservation projects, aiming to educate and engage stakeholders such as governments, landowners, and local communities. For those interested, DGB Group offers a comprehensive range of resources including eBooks, podcasts, and newsletters to stay informed and get involved in the fight against climate change. With their expertise and commitment, DGB Group is a reliable partner in achieving net-zero goals and creating a greener future


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