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Anthill icon Anthill La nostra soluzione WMS, sviluppata per rendere efficiente ogni magazzino! ExtrAI icon ExtrAI L’intelligenza artificiale al servizio delle aziende, per automatizzare il Data Entry e dire addio gli errori di inserimento.


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DGLine Srl | Brescia is your strategic partner in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Since 1998, they have been assisting professionals, companies, and SMEs in staying ahead of the digital transformation. With a comprehensive range of services, DGLine offers Digital Marketing, Web Development, E-commerce solutions, UX/UI design, Cloud services, and specialized services for the publishing industry.

Their expertise in Digital Marketing ensures a strong online presence and tangible results through effective strategies. They provide complete management of social media content while tailoring web development and e-commerce projects to meet each client's commercial, logistical, and communication needs. DGLine's custom UX/UI design ensures that every web application is user-friendly, accessible, and aligns with the client's business objectives.

Their Cloud services simplify project management by offering direct access to infrastructures, platforms, software, and technology components. Furthermore, DGLine excels in providing services for the publishing industry, helping publishers, booksellers, and industry professionals with online communication, promotion, and sales. Collaborating with clients daily, DGLine takes pride in their portfolio of successful projects.

Contact DGLine today to discuss your project and discover what they can create together. DGLine S. r.

l. Via Abbiati 20b | 25125 Brescia (BS) +39 02/45. 49.

16. 53 | segreteria@dgline. it


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