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Diakonieverein Heilsbronn is a brand that focuses on providing support and assistance to people in various stages of their lives. Whether through their kindergartens or their care services for older and sick individuals, the Diakonieverein is committed to accompanying individuals on their journey. The organization offers a range of services, including basic and treatment care, as well as household support through the Diakoniestation.

Their goal is to ensure that individuals can remain in their familiar environment while receiving the necessary care and support. Additionally, Diakonieverein Heilsbronn offers assisted living options for seniors in their own or rented apartments. Their kindergartens, such as Kita Spatzennest and Kita Unterm Regenbogen, provide a nurturing environment for children from ages 1 to 6, with dedicated staff available throughout the day.

With a focus on promoting independence and responsibility, the Diakonieverein aims to empower and support their patients and clients. You can also contribute to their work by becoming a member of their association. Visit the Diakonieverein Heilsbronn website for more information and to get involved


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