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The Manndiät brand is your ultimate guide to easy weight loss through delicious recipes, informative content, and helpful tips. This brand offers a unique twist on low-carb eating, with a diverse range of dishes from the famous Currywurst to mouthwatering steaks. Say goodbye to beer bellies! The Manndiät brand is here to help you.

With over 150 classic low-carb recipes, including more than 60 recipes for the Thermomix, this brand provides an extensive guide to low-carb living and enjoying your meals. They also offer explanations and tips for each recipe, along with a comprehensive list of low-carb food options. Joining the Manndiät community opens up even more benefits, such as access to their 12-month membership plans, including the Classic Membership for €29 and the Premium Package for €99, which includes a starter pack.

The brand was founded by Rüdiger Busche, an experienced marketing and media professional turned passionate hobby cook. Rüdiger has translated countless dishes from German and international cuisine into low-carb versions. His first book, Die Manndiät, was published in 2013, followed by LowCarb kochen mit dem Thermomix ® in 2016.

Rüdiger's expertise in creating low-carb recipes has led him to work with various companies, offering recipe development, nutrition training, and cooking courses. Unlike other low-carb cookbooks, Rüdiger doesn't simply eliminate forbidden foods from his recipes. Instead, he provides alternatives, showing readers how to bread their schnitzel without breadcrumbs, make a cream sauce without cream, or create an almond pudding without sugar and milk.

With Rüdiger's alternative cooking techniques, you can shed pounds without sacrificing flavor or feeling like you're on a diet. His healthy approach to low-carb eating earned him the Health Media Award in 2012. For Rüdiger, the greatest reward is that he himself lost 34 kilograms in less than a year using his own diet and has maintained his desired weight for the past 13 years.

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