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Keross is a leading brand that offers a powerful platform called Ikon for automating and simplifying your business processes. Just like a conductor directs an orchestra with a single baton, Ikon allows you to manage your entire business, including tools, workflows, and data, within one user-friendly platform. Ikon, powered by AI and machine learning, empowers businesses to operate more efficiently and profitably by creating a single source of truth and enabling the monetization of various use cases.

It collects data from various sources such as legacy systems, email, social media, IoT, and internet content to provide you with the necessary insights for data-driven decisions, benchmarking, trend analysis, and prediction. With Ikon, you can easily make incremental changes to adjust use cases as it is built with no-code/low-code capabilities. You can even sell your customized use cases under your own brand name, creating new revenue streams, while Keross provides support throughout the process.

Unlike many competitors, Ikon was developed in-house from the ground up, ensuring seamless integration and eliminating complexities associated with integrating diverse solutions. This also makes it cost-efficient, as you only need to pay a license fee to access a comprehensive suite of technologies. By harnessing AI and machine learning, Ikon enables you to identify areas of opportunity and inefficiency, automate workflows, and focus on strategic planning while algorithms handle routine tasks.

Ikon allows you to unleash the power of your data and drive your business forward. Keross has already transformed industries like Engineering & Consulting, Government & Municipality, Construction, Manufacturing, and IT companies. They offer comprehensive case studies to showcase their successful implementations.

With Keross and the Ikon Orchestration Platform, you can embrace the future of business management. Book a demo today and start your digitization journey with a single solution that empowers your business to operate effectively and lucratively for the long haul


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