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We offer strong domain expertise, truly global experience, and practical track record to deliver unique value at every stage


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Digital Horizon is a dynamic and innovative brand that operates as a new age venture company. With a strong focus on domain expertise and a truly global experience, Digital Horizon offers a practical track record in delivering unique value at every stage. Unlike traditional venture capital firms, Digital Horizon invests at all stages, accelerating return on investment, minimizing risk, and maximizing profitability.

One of the core strengths of Digital Horizon is its unique expertise. The brand brings together a diverse global team to build and scale successful start-ups. This is made possible by the constant exchange of knowledge between the Venture Fund and Venture Builder teams, giving Digital Horizon unparalleled insights.

Digital Horizon's approach is all about spotting trends and empowering founders, especially immigrant talents, to create enduring and meaningful businesses. The brand's impressive portfolio boasts over 50 companies and showcases a remarkable 33% IRR for fund investors. With $300 million in assets under management, Digital Horizon has a proven track record of achieving rapid growth.

The brand firmly believes in the power of global talent, demonstrated by its backing of immigrant founders. They have a worldwide presence with locations in London, Dubai, Tel Aviv, and the Cayman Islands. Stay informed with Digital Horizon's latest news and developments by subscribing to their newsletter.

For media inquiries, contact pr@digitalhorizon. vc. Any other questions or inquiries can be directed to hello@digitalhorizon.



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