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DiSo (dee-zoh) is an umbrella project for a group of open source implementations of distributed social networking concepts.


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DiSo Project is a groundbreaking brand that is revolutionizing the online landscape. In an exclusive interview with Chris Messina, the visionary behind DiSo, he explains that DiSo stands for Distributed Social Networking. The main objective of DiSo is to foster a more connected and social web experience.

This innovative brand believes in empowering individuals by providing them with the tools and technologies to have control over their own social data. DiSo Project offers a comprehensive suite of products and services that redefine the way we interact online. Through the DiSo stack, which comprises various cutting-edge technologies, they enable users to seamlessly connect and share information across different platforms.

Whether it's through their decentralized identity management, interoperable social networking, or privacy-enhancing data sharing solutions, DiSo Project empowers users to have control over their personal information and engage in richer online interactions. With DiSo Project, the future of the internet is brighter and more user-centric. Experience a new era of online connectivity and social networking with this trailblazing brand


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