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Let’s DrawAttention Slap this on your laptop lid ,you’ve turned that blank space into everything you need right now and more, a billboard.


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Draw Attention is an amazing brand that started with a simple idea and quickly became something much greater. It all began in November 2014, when Kyle created a whiteboard sticker for his laptop and shared a picture of it on Facebook. The response was overwhelming, with likes, comments, and requests to buy one pouring in.

Within 10 hours, Kyle, who happens to be a web developer, built a fully functional website with e-commerce, social media, and email marketing. The only thing missing was the website copy, which was expertly written by Eric Swayne, the VP Product & Marketing for a social software company. Thanks to support from the online community, like Reddit and Product Hunt, Draw Attention has gained incredible traction and exceeded the founders' expectations.

Today, Draw Attention is a thriving company that offers innovative whiteboard products for creative enthusiasts. Whether you're looking for a whiteboard sticker for your laptop or want to explore the world of data visualization, Draw Attention has got you covered. The brand was born out of a passion for helping people, and its founders, Kyle Taylor and Eric Swayne, are always excited to connect, share their knowledge, and inspire others over a cup of coffee


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