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Established in 2006, du has quickly become a major player in the UAE's telecommunications industry. The company's headquarters is located in Dubai, UAE. It operates in all seven Emirates of the country and serves both individual and business customers.

As a prominent telecommunications provider in the Middle East, du has a substantial presence in the global market. It has formed strategic partnerships and joint ventures to expand its operations and strengthen its services. Notably, du entered into a partnership with Batelco to create a submarine cable system called Gulf Bridge International (GBI), which connects the Middle East with Europe and Asia.

This partnership has further enhanced du's position in the global telecommunications market. In terms of market position, du has steadily grown since its establishment and is now a major competitor to its main rival, Etisalat. Despite the tough competition, du has managed to secure a significant market share, particularly in the UAE.

Its focus on offering diverse services and innovative solutions has helped du remain competitive. Over the years, du has achieved various milestones and introduced notable changes to its product lineup. In 2012, du launched its 4G LTE network, becoming one of the first telecom operators in the UAE to offer this high-speed service.

This move strengthened its position in the market and allowed du to meet the increasing demand for faster mobile internet. In recent years, du has also made advancements in the field of smart cities and digital transformation. It has partnered with government authorities and businesses to implement innovative solutions that enhance the UAE's development as a technologically advanced nation.

As of the latest updates, du continues to adapt to the changing landscape of the telecommunications industry. It consistently invests in new technologies and services to provide its customers with excellent connectivity and digital solutions. With a strong customer base and a focus on innovation, du is well-positioned for further growth and success in the future


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