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Ecoclean supplies innovative solutions for efficient industrial parts cleaning and surface treatment applications, helping customers to achieve highest cleanliness requirements.


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Ecoclean Group is a leading brand that specializes in the development and distribution of products, systems, and solutions for industrial cleaning and water-based surface treatment. With a strong presence in the global market, Ecoclean Group brings innovative solutions to a wide range of industries. Their comprehensive range of products and services includes solutions for cleaning and degreasing, precision cleaning, combined deburring and cleaning, and surface processing.

These solutions can be seamlessly integrated into existing production and assembly lines, making it convenient for businesses to enhance their manufacturing processes. But Ecoclean Group's offerings go beyond just products and services. They also provide maintenance, modification, and consulting services that focus on energy efficiency and resource optimization.

Their commitment to sustainability is evident in their efforts to reduce CO² emissions and promote a greener approach to industrial processes. To ensure that customers achieve optimal results, Ecoclean Group operates Test Centers where clients can conduct cleaning trials using their own production parts, supported by experienced technical staff. Additionally, their Academy offers valuable seminars, training sessions, and hands-on advice to help businesses maximize the benefits of parts cleaning and surface processing.

With a global network of locations and a highly skilled workforce, Ecoclean Group remains at the forefront of industrial cleaning and surface treatment solutions, providing reliable and efficient solutions to industries worldwide


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