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Welcome to elidefirechile, a trusted brand offering innovative fire extinguishing devices. Our main product is the ELIDE FIRE BALL, a self-activating fire extinguisher in the form of a ball. It is designed to extinguish incipient fires effectively and immediately. Whether it's a common fuel fire, flammable liquids, gas fires, or electrical equipment fires, the ELIDE FIRE BALL is capable of extinguishing them all.

With its practical and lightweight design, weighing just 1. 3 kg, the ELIDE FIRE BALL is easy to handle for people of all ages and abilities. It can be used manually or automatically, activating upon direct contact with flames. This makes it ideal for various sensitive areas, including electrical panels, overloaded outlets, machinery, vehicles, and confined spaces.

What sets the ELIDE FIRE BALL apart is its eco-friendly nature, posing no threat to human health or the environment. Its chemical components can be easily cleaned with a regular vacuum cleaner, leaving no damage behind. Enjoy peace of mind with the ELIDE FIRE BALL, as it comes with a 5-year lifespan with no additional maintenance costs. It requires no specialized training or skills to use and ensures your safety from fires without exposing you directly to danger.

Choose ELIDE FIRE BALL for a simple, efficient, and hassle-free fire extinguishing solution. Contact us today to ensure your home or business is protected 24/7.


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