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ENDA Tiers-Monde is an organization that partners with other firms to develop infrastructure in developing nations.


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ENDA Tiers Monde, also known as ENDA TM, is a brand that was established in 1972 in Dakar. It was founded by individuals who believed in the possibility of development that respects the environment and strives for social justice for all. The brand's name, which stands for Environment, Development, and Action in the Third World, reflects its original ambition to promote progress on multiple fronts.

From its inception, ENDA Tiers Monde has fought against the marginalization of the disadvantaged and championed sustainable development. Today, ENDA operates as a network of autonomous entities that carry out projects and programs in various areas of development. With a presence in Asia, Latin America, Africa, and Europe, the International Network of ENDA Tiers Monde consists of 24 member entities and operates through its Executive Secretariat based in Dakar.

The brand focuses on various areas such as nutrition, education, health, environment, water, habitat, renewable energy, and local leadership. Through its partnerships and initiatives, ENDA Tiers Monde has trained over 400 young leaders and professionals in environmental and sustainable development. Additionally, the brand has rehabilitated approximately 700 hectares of land through the construction of 17 hydroagricultural dams.

Those interested in supporting ENDA can visit their online boutique, where they can order books and publications related to their work. By subscribing to the ENDA newsletter, individuals can stay connected and receive regular updates on the brand's activities. Overall, ENDA Tiers Monde is dedicated to empowering vulnerable communities and transforming systems to alleviate poverty and promote sustainable development


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