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Stockholms Exekutionsservice är en internationell organisation som arbetar med återtag, bakgrundskontroller och juridiska tjänster inom obeståndsrätten.


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Stockholms Exekutionsservice is a reputable brand in the field of repossession and legal services in insolvency law. They specialize in assisting financial institutions and other loan and leasing companies in recovering unpaid debts when customers fail to fulfill their repayment obligations. Whether it's a car, a boat, or any other form of property, Stockholms Exekutionsservice provides a crucial and professional repossession process.

Their repossession process begins when they receive authorization from the company to retrieve the object and a customer account statement indicating the outstanding amount. They conduct thorough background checks on the debtor, including financial assessments, to gain a comprehensive understanding of the situation. If initial contact attempts are unsuccessful, they visit the debtor's known addresses to establish communication.

Once contact is made, Stockholms Exekutionsservice aims to find a resolution through negotiating a new payment plan or proceeding with the repossession if necessary. Throughout the entire repossession process, Stockholms Exekutionsservice ensures meticulous documentation, providing their clients with detailed reports of each visit and action taken. This guarantees that the financial institution's interests are protected and appropriate measures are implemented in every case.

Additionally, they prioritize offering respectful and empathetic treatment to debtors during this challenging time


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