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ExtraSauber is a leading brand in the field of cleanliness, offering a wide range of cleaning services. Founded in 2014, ExtraSauber was created with a mission to eliminate illegal labor and unfair pricing in the cleaning industry. Today, ExtraSauber is the number one network in the cleaning sector, establishing long-term partnerships with cleaning companies and individual cleaners to provide optimal solutions for residential and commercial customers' cleaning needs.

ExtraSauber offers a variety of specialized cleaning services, including intensive cleaning, window cleaning, office cleaning, and more. Whether you need assistance with cleaning your home or maintaining the cleanliness of your office space, ExtraSauber has the perfect solution for every type of dirt. What sets ExtraSauber apart is its commitment to transparency and fair payment.

Every registered cleaning company on the platform works on legally compliant invoices, ensuring that cleaners are paid fairly for their services. Additionally, ExtraSauber provides maximum transparency through its unique profile system, allowing customers to leave reviews and ensuring that top-rated cleaners receive more opportunities and higher earnings. With their focus on responsible cleaning practices, ExtraSauber goes beyond the conventional approach.

They support their registered cleaning companies with a range of services, including a free digital training platform, the ExtraSauber Academy, and ergonomic backpacks designed to promote the health of the cleaners. ExtraSauber also caters to the needs of businesses, offering their ExtraSauber Office services. By partnering with officially registered cleaning companies renowned for their reliability and quality, ExtraSauber ensures that businesses can maintain a clean and professional environment.

In addition to standard office cleaning, ExtraSauber also provides specialized cleaning services such as window cleaning, facade cleaning, and roof cleaning. Their comprehensive range of services makes them the go-to partner for all cleaning needs. ExtraSauber also supports municipalities and communities in their building and tender management.

With their expertise and experience in building and tender management, ExtraSauber offers advice and assistance to ensure efficient and effective cleaning operations. What makes ExtraSauber truly stand out is its commitment to innovation and expertise in the cleaning industry. The company's founders have years of experience in building and tender management, providing customers with the assurance of an expert partner.

ExtraSauber offers support in various aspects of building cleaning, from large cleaning projects to tender processes and quality management. ExtraSauber is not only a platform for cleaning services but also a partner that can help businesses and organizations redefine their cleaning strategies. Whether you need to change your own cleaning processes, start a new tender process, or have an independent assessment of your cleaning quality, ExtraSauber is there to assist you.

ExtraSauber also collaborates with cleaning equipment suppliers and offers them a platform to showcase their products to registered cleaning companies. By featuring these suppliers in the ExtraSauber App, ExtraSauber ensures that their partners are always recommended as the best option for the supply of professional cleaning equipment. For cleaning companies, ExtraSauber offers a range of advantages, including access to a wide network of customers, the freedom to set their own prices, and personalized support from the ExtraSauber team.

ExtraSauber also provides various software packages to help cleaning companies with their daily operations, including order and customer management, accounting, and personnel and deployment planning. ExtraSauber welcomes individuals interested in starting their career in the cleaning industry. By joining ExtraSauber as a self-employed cleaner, individuals can automatically receive their first assignments and be consistently booked by satisfied customers.

ExtraSauber's rating system ensures that highly rated cleaners are prioritized in customer searches, enabling cleaners to earn substantial monthly income. To help cleaners succeed on the platform, ExtraSauber provides a free online academy with over 40 videos covering nine different topics related to the cleaning industry. This valuable knowledge equips cleaners with the skills and expertise necessary to impress their customers and achieve top-notch ratings.

Becoming an ExtraSauber partner is simple. All that's required is a business registration and liability insurance. ExtraSauber assists in filling out the necessary forms and finding suitable insurance if required.

For any queries or assistance, ExtraSauber offers comprehensive support through their online FAQ section and encourages customers to reach out directly for further assistance. ExtraSauber is committed to providing optimal support and assistance at every step of the cleaning process. Whether you have questions about specific cleaning services or their availability, ExtraSauber is dedicated to ensuring your cleaning needs are met.

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