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FBR is a semi-autonomous federal agency of Pakistan responsible for enforcing fiscal laws and collecting revenues.


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The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) is the apex federal agency responsible for tax administration and collection in Pakistan. Its headquarters are located in Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan. Established on 1 July 2001, the FBR was formed through the merger of two major revenue collecting agencies: the Central Board of Revenue and the Tax Reforms Commission.

The FBR's primary function is to enforce fiscal laws and regulations in Pakistan, ensuring compliance with taxation policies in order to generate revenue for the government. The board is responsible for collecting income tax, sales tax, federal excise duty, customs duty, and other federal taxes. Operating on a global scale, the FBR also oversees international trade operations and formulates trade policies to facilitate commerce.

It ensures the smooth movement of goods across borders, levies and collects customs duties, and implements trade agreements. As for subsidiaries, joint ventures, or partnerships, there is no information available about any such relationships involving the FBR. In terms of market position, the FBR holds a significant role in Pakistan's economy as the principal revenue collection authority.

The board's effectiveness in tax collection directly impacts the government's fiscal stability and development plans. However, in terms of global sales, the FBR does not engage in commercial activities that generate revenue independent of taxation. Regarding major events, achievements, or changes in the brand's strategy, there is limited information on noteworthy developments.

However, the FBR continuously strives to improve tax collection systems, streamline procedures, and enhance taxpayer services. Over the years, it has implemented technology-driven initiatives to automate tax procedures and reduce human interaction, resulting in a more efficient and transparent tax administration system. Currently, the FBR is focused on improving compliance rates, broadening the tax base, and facilitating e-payment of taxes.

It aims to foster a business-friendly environment, encourage tax compliance, and promote economic growth. In conclusion, the Federal Board of Revenue plays a vital role in tax administration and collection in Pakistan. With its headquarters in Islamabad, it is responsible for enforcing fiscal laws, collecting taxes, and overseeing international trade operations.

While it does not engage in commercial activities, the FBR continuously works towards improving tax systems, enhancing taxpayer services, and promoting compliance to contribute to the country's economic growth


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