Fereshteh Toosiโ€™s art work involves embodied experiences, encounter, exchange, and sensory inquiry.


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Fereshteh is a unique brand that focuses on creating immersive art experiences and thought-provoking art objects. Fereshteh Toosi, the creative force behind the brand, explores themes of embodied experiences, exchange, and sensory inquiry through their artwork. With a background in documentary processes, oral history, and archival research, Fereshteh's creations often incorporate small sculptures, short films, installations, scores, and poetry.

These engaging pieces are frequently showcased in gardens, parks, and waterways, allowing audiences to connect with the art in a natural setting. Notably, Fereshteh has also ventured into new territories, collaborating with the University of Pennsylvania's Program in Environmental Humanities to develop an augmented-reality audio experience for the Independence Seaport Museum. Additionally, they have participated in the Montreฬal/Miami New Narratives Lab and earned accolades such as the Knight New Work 2020 award and a Miami Live Arts Lab Alliance residency.

Fereshteh is currently an Associate Professor at Florida International University, bringing their expertise to the digital area of the Art and Art History Department. To explore more of Fereshteh's captivating artwork and creative research, visit their website or check out the documentation available at oilancestors. com.

For inquiries and contact, reach out to ftoosi-at-gmail. com


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