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Te acompañamos en el proceso de convertirte en entrenador personal o dietista con una formación actualizada de la mano de referentes del sector.


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Fit Generation Madrid is a brand that offers comprehensive solutions for individuals aspiring to become dietitians in Spain. They understand the legal complexities involved in this profession and provide guidance and training to ensure compliance with the law. Fit Generation Madrid offers two main courses: Curso Entrenador (CPE) and Curso Dietista (CPD).

The CPE course is tailored for those interested in becoming personal trainers, while the CPD course focuses on providing the necessary skills and knowledge to become a legally recognized dietitian. They understand the importance of legality in the field, and thus emphasize the requirement of having the appropriate qualifications, which include a Técnico Superior en Dietética (TSD), a Grado en Nutrición Humana y Dietética, or a Grado en Medicina with specialization in Endocrinology. They also highlight the distinct laws and regulations that apply to dietitians compared to personal trainers.

Fit Generation Madrid aims to revolutionize traditional education and address the limitations associated with conventional training options. They offer an alternative pathway, the CPD AudioFit + pruebas libres del Técnico Superior en Dietética, which allows individuals to obtain the TSD title through self-studying and official exams. With Fit Generation Madrid, aspiring dietitians can receive quality education, choose their own teachers, and have the flexibility of online learning.

They also cover essential topics such as sports nutrition, digital marketing, and psycho-nutrition, ensuring that students are equipped with practical skills for the real world


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