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Florimo virágföld is a brand that specializes in providing nutrient-rich products for plants. They offer a wide range of flower soil, fertilizers, plant care products, organic fertilizers, and soil improvers. Their goal is to ensure continuous nutrient supply for plants, as improper care can weaken them and make them susceptible to diseases and pests. To address this, Florimo recommends their range of fertilizers and fertilizing sticks, which can be added to the soil or mixed with water during watering.

These products contain a balanced ratio of macro and micronutrients, providing optimal nutrition for plants. Their product range caters to both ornamental plants and vegetable cultivation. In addition to fertilizers, Florimo also offers soil blends and soil improvers, such as organic and mineral fertilizers and horticultural perlite, which improve soil moisture retention and aeration. By regularly using Florimo products, plants thrive with vibrant colors, enhanced flowering, and robust growth.

Whether it's for balcony gardens, fruit orchards, or vegetable beds, Florimo products are essential for maintaining healthy and thriving plants. With 30 years of experience in the industry, Florimo is a trusted brand offering the widest range of Hungarian flower soil options. Explore their products and discover the perfect solution for your gardening needs.


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