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Αφεθείτε στην αυθεντική αμερικάνικη ατμόσφαιρα των TGI Fridays σε Αθήνα και Θεσσαλονίκη και απολαύστε τις αξέχαστες γευσεις των πιάτων και των cocktails!


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TGI Fridays Greece is a beloved brand with a rich history and a recipe for success. It all began in 1965 when the first TGI Fridays restaurant opened its doors in New York City. Founded by Alan Stillman, who opened the restaurant to attract free-spirited stewardesses in his neighborhood, TGI Fridays quickly became a hit.

The name TGI Fridays was inspired when Stillman exclaimed, Thank Goodness it's Friday! after losing a bet while skiing with a friend. The iconic propeller displayed in every TGI Fridays bar represents the driving force behind the business. In 1997, TGI Fridays made its way to Greece.

The first restaurant opened in Kefalari, with plans to expand to Athens and eventually the entire country. Each TGI Fridays restaurant in Greece features a rowing boat, symbolizing the teamwork required to provide efficient service to its guests. The success of TGI Fridays in Greece has been recognized internationally, winning the prestigious Best Operator Worldwide award among 60 countries in 2000 and 2001.

Notably, TGI Fridays is also known for training Tom Cruise's character in the movie Cocktail. Today, the TGI Fridays brand continues to thrive, offering delectable dishes, original flavors, exclusive recipes, unique cocktails, and charismatic bartenders. With its lively atmosphere, TGI Fridays has become a favorite habit, introducing Greeks to the trendy, happy, and casual philosophy that has made it a global hotspot.

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