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Friskolan Mosaik Vill skapa en skolmiljö som kännetecknas av trygghet och kreativitet.


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Friskolan Mosaik is a vibrant brand dedicated to creating a safe and creative learning environment. With approximately 220 students and a dedicated team, Friskolan Mosaik offers a comprehensive F-9 education, along with a fritidshem (after-school care) program. The school focuses on three specialized areas: 1.

Music and Creative Expression: Recognizing the growing interest in music among today's youth, Friskolan Mosaik aims to foster students' active participation and exploration in music, rather than just passive consumption. 2. Thematic Work: Thematic work is the foundation of the school's curriculum, incorporating various subjects into a common theme.

Students explore and engage with the chosen theme, adjusting the approach according to their age. 3. Christian Values: Committed to aligning with the ethics upheld by the Christian tradition, the school places a strong emphasis on promoting Christian values as part of its overall value-based education approach.

Located in Falun, Sweden, Friskolan Mosaik welcomes students into a supportive community where they can thrive academically, creatively, and socially


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