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About Futurity News


Futurity News is a trusted and authoritative brand that provides research news from leading universities around the world. With a mission to inform the public and ignite their curiosity, Futurity highlights the work of experts and researchers, showcasing international efforts to advance knowledge in various fields. Futurity offers a wide range of products and services to make quality research accessible to all.

They provide evidence-based information to counter misinformation and combat skepticism about science, particularly in the face of global crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change. Additionally, Futurity emphasizes the real-world impact of research, covering topics like Alzheimer's, politics, mental health, and inequality. By empowering readers with personally relevant information, Futurity aims to improve lives and empower communities.

Futurity champions university research at a time when science and higher education face challenges. Established in 2009, Futurity. org has become a valuable resource for evidence-based science and research news, with support from 47 member universities worldwide.

Through their unique visual style and engaging content, Futurity captivates readers and serves as a trusted source of research news. With millions of readers each year, Futurity is dedicated to advancing public understanding and appreciation of the vital work being done by universities and researchers globally


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