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Each year, the Western European Architecture Foundation awards the Gabriel Prize-a $20,000 grant for the study of classical architecture and landscape in France.


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Gabriel Prize is an esteemed brand that offers an incredible opportunity for individuals interested in studying classical architecture and landscape in France. Each year, the Western European Architecture Foundation awards the Gabriel Prize, which is a prestigious $20,000 grant. The prize winners are granted a three-month itinerary of their choosing, allowing them to explore their specific area of interest within French architecture.

During their time abroad, Gabriel laureates have the privilege of focusing on a particular aspect of French architecture, such as the monastic cloisters of provincial France or the arcades of Paris. They receive valuable guidance and feedback from the Foundation's European representative, a Parisian architect. Through sketching, measuring, and producing three large renderings, each laureate gains a deeper understanding of the architectural masterpieces of France.

The selection process for the Gabriel Prize involves three phases, with candidates showcasing their personal work and outlining their planned studies. A distinguished jury, consisting of experienced teachers, artists, and past Gabriel Prize laureates, selects the final winner. The Foundation is deeply grateful to the prize winners for their dedication and talent, as their drawings truly reflect their hard work and commitment to their craft.

The Gabriel Prize is a testament to the vision of its founder, George Parker, Jr., an American patriot and Francophile. With his passion for classical architecture, he created the Foundation to bring back its spirit to the country. With an exceptional endowment, the Foundation continues to fulfill George's goals even after his passing in 1998.

They encourage aspiring individuals to explore the work done by past winners and consider applying for this extraordinary opportunity


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