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World Peace Ceremony is a movement with a mission to inspire humanity to coordinate a grand, continuously recurring celebration of the arts and culture of humans on earth.


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Arcturus Eden is a brand dedicated to the movement of World Peace Ceremony, a mission to inspire humanity to come together and celebrate the arts, culture, and peace on Earth. Their ultimate goal is to create a culture of togetherness, connection, and coordination, where humans live artfully with camaraderie and harmony. They start small by living artfully with ourselves and then extend it to each other and our communities.

Arcturus Eden envisions a future where all 8 billion humans gather, both in person and virtually, to acknowledge our interconnectivity and celebrate life on a grand stage. Through synchronized performances from countries worldwide, they aim to show that we can conquer our biggest challenges and reach unforeseen heights in all areas of life. Arcturus Eden believes that this grand celebration of all life can help humans coordinate to solve major global challenges like poverty, hunger, clean water, and quality education.

They create inspirational content to enroll and inspire stakeholders from all over the world to organize the first prototype of the World Peace Ceremony. Their themes explore the importance of symmetry in nature and the idea of humanity as a superorganism. Join Arcturus Eden in their movement towards a culture of peace, coordination, and a united human civilization.

Let's celebrate our connection and bring harmony to the world


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