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GD Company is a leading developer and publisher of mobile video games, with cozy offices in both Russian capitals. Our main value lies in our team of talented developers with extensive experience in working on AAA-class mobile and console projects. Our management principles revolve around freedom, trust, and responsibility.

We work together on projects and make decisions as a team. We have combined our work with our dreams. Come and join us, you'll love it! One of our popular games is Metal Madness, a multiplayer game that brings dynamic battles on wheels and serves as the successor to Twisted Metal and Carmageddon.

Players engage in post-apocalyptic arena battles, utilizing firepower, speed, and tactics. The gameplay is enhanced by the versatile constructor feature, allowing players to create unique weapon and vehicle combinations. Team-based PvP happens in real-time, adding to the excitement.

Another exciting game we offer is Pacific Warships, an online PvP shooter where players become captains of sci-fi ships. Arm yourself with deadly weapons, torpedoes, lasers, and the latest military gear as you carry out combat missions and engage in firefight with enemies. It features vibrant and colorful locations with various weather conditions and impressive mobile device-friendly details.

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