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Genesis Healthcare's mission is to make a meaningful impact on people's health and wellness through genetic science and health tech.


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Genesis Healthcare is a brand that aims to make a meaningful impact on people's life, health, and wellness through the power of genomic science and artificial intelligence. They offer a range of services and products that leverage genetic analysis to promote personalized health prevention and address complex medical research issues. At Genesis Healthcare, their philosophy is rooted in compassion, corporate governance, cooperation, and change.

They believe in using genetic analysis to create a healthy society that celebrates diversity. Compassion is the core value that guides their actions, with a focus on helping others and society. They place a strong emphasis on corporate governance, ensuring integrity and responsibility towards society.

Cooperation is also crucial to their approach, as they understand the importance of understanding and respecting others. Embracing change is a fundamental driver of growth for Genesis Healthcare, as they strive to find innovative solutions in the genetic industry. The brand also takes pride in their HR initiatives, which prioritize recruiting and retaining talent from diverse backgrounds.

They foster an international mindset and encourage ambition for newcomers to pursue new career areas. Their employees are referred to as Innovators, Creators, Disruptors, or Educators, as they value unique talent and potential. Genesis Healthcare was founded in March 2004 and has since made significant contributions to the field of genomics in Japan.

They launched GeneLife, the first consumer genetic testing brand in Japan, in June 2008. Their board of directors and executives demonstrate a strong commitment to the advancement of genetic science and innovation. The brand has established various partnerships and collaborations to expand their reach and distribution.

They have also been granted 72 patents, showcasing their expertise in genetic science and prediction models. Furthermore, their research is published in international journals, highlighting their dedication to advancing genetic science for social benefit. Over the years, Genesis Healthcare has received recognition for their excellence in science and innovation, including an award from the Golden Globe Tigers.

Their wellness mobile application, GeneLife 3. 0, was acknowledged at the prestigious Good Design Awards in 2019. Choose Genesis Healthcare and become part of the future of genetic science, where they strive to make a positive impact on people's lives through cutting-edge genomic science and artificial intelligence


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