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たべる人にも、つくる人にも。豊かな食の選択肢を届けたい。Ghost Kitchensが目指すのは「日常食のアップデート」。デリバリーを通して、一人ひとりに必要な食事、栄養バランスをしっかり考え、毎日食べても飽きない豊富なメニュー、パーソナルにカスタマイズされた日常食を提供していきます。


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Ghost Kitchens is a leading brand that specializes in providing food delivery services through apps like Uber Eats and Chompy. Our mission is to offer convenience and variety to our customers by delivering delicious dishes made with fresh vegetables and healthy ingredients. We aim to cater to your cravings anytime, anywhere you desire to eat.

At Ghost Kitchens, we prioritize optimizing our offerings based on the needs of each region. We understand that food preferences change with seasons and trends, as well as the preferences of the local communities. By continuously listening to the voices of the region and our customers, we strive to create dining experiences that meet their current demands and desires.

We believe in the concept of investing in your meals. Rather than just consuming calories, our goal is to provide meals that transform your body into a better state, aligning with the state you aspire to achieve. In this era that demands creativity and productivity across various industries, we channel our innovative and focused energy into developing our culinary creations.

At Ghost Kitchens, we aim to offer a personalized food experience where we understand that everyone's dietary needs vary. We adapt our offerings according to your mood and health condition, providing a service that resembles that of a personal food trainer. Ghost Kitchens, operated by Ghost Restaurant Research Institute Co., Ltd., is located in Minato-ku, Tokyo.

Our company was established on January 7, 2019, with a capital of 16. 52 million yen. Our core business is providing food delivery services.

All rights reserved. Note: This description is based on the assumption that Ghost Kitchens is the brand name and Ghost Restaurant Research Institute Co., Ltd. is the parent company


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