The Global Ocean Observing System

GOOS is a permanent global system for observations, modeling, and analysis of marine and ocean data.


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About The Global Ocean Observing System


Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS) is a permanent global system that focuses on observations, modeling, and analysis of marine and ocean data. As a leading, coordinating, and supporting entity, GOOS integrates the system, empowers the community, and forms partnerships to ensure vital ocean observation. GOOS plays a crucial role in addressing climate change by modeling, mitigating, and adapting to its impacts.

They provide essential and sustained observations, including in deep ocean and remote regions, to underpin accurate weather forecasts and warnings. Additionally, GOOS empowers coastal communities, societies, and the blue economy by enabling forward planning. Monitoring marine ecosystem health and preserving life is another key aspect of GOOS' work.

They observe biodiversity, habitats, and human impact to promote conservation and sustainable use. By enabling each part of the Global Ocean Observing System to contribute to its highest capacity, GOOS helps build an integrated and responsive system. Observing the ocean is crucial for sustainable development, safety, wellbeing, and prosperity.

GOOS is an Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) led programme, operating under UNESCO. They lead the ocean observing community, create partnerships, encourage collaboration, and support teams of experts to develop a comprehensive and sustainable observing system. Through their network of independently-managed and funded observing elements, GOOS provides a trusted and highly valuable collaborative system of sustained observations.

They also offer a comprehensive collection of resources, including best practices, reports, and presentations from ocean observing experts. Through ongoing projects, GOOS strives to advance innovation and expand the observing system's capabilities. They invite individuals and organizations to join them in their vital work to understand and protect our oceans


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