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Green Gas Germany engagiert sich fรผr einen besseren Klimaschutz, indem es schรคdliche Methanemissionen in wertvolle Energie umwandelt.


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Green Gas Germany is dedicated to sustainability and climate protection by converting harmful methane emissions into valuable energy. They offer three solutions for different types of gas: Grubengas (mine gas), Deponiegas (landfill gas), and Schwachgas (weak gas). In coal mines, significant amounts of environmentally damaging methane (CH4) are present.

Green Gas Germany specializes in harnessing this methane as a sustainable and secure energy source. For landfills, they have expertise in improving energy generation from the methane gas produced during anaerobic digestion. They also have experience in utilizing low-concentration methane gas from both landfills and mine sites.

With over 20 projects nationwide and nearly 20 years of industry experience, Green Gas Germany continuously expands its portfolio to benefit its customers. They excel in capturing, treating, utilizing, and managing methane gas from various sources such as coal mines and landfills. By transforming difficult gas sources into future-proof energy and clean fuels, Green Gas provides comprehensive solutions for gas management and utilization.

They prioritize site productivity, safety improvements, new clean energy sources, and the reduction of harmful greenhouse gases. With the rising global demand for renewable energy sources, Green Gas is well-positioned to expand its activities further


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