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Welcome to Europe’s speciality bakery. Bringing you the finest baked goods since 1995.


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Höf is Europe's premier speciality bakery, proudly delivering the finest baked goods since 1995. Based in Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany, Höf is a family-owned and operated bakery dedicated to merging traditional German baking with modern technology and creativity. With two cutting-edge production facilities, Höf is committed to creating Europe's most exceptional baked specialities.

Thoroughness, efficiency, and reliability are at the core of Höf's success. They care deeply about sourcing the best ingredients and ensuring product safety. Their attention to detail sets them apart, transforming good products into amazing ones.

Excellence is the driving force behind Höf's operations. Upholding quality in every aspect, from sourcing to production to service, is their highest priority. With an open and creative mindset, Höf continuously innovates and finds inspiration in everything.

They prioritize partnership and treat their associates with utmost friendliness. Collaboration is key, as they believe in the power of teamwork. Stay up to date with Höf's latest news and product innovations by subscribing to their newsletter.

Explore their wide range of products, including breads, savoury pastries, and sweet pastries. Connect with them at Großekathöfer Convenience Food GmbH in Gütersloh, Germany


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