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Founded in 1979, Groupl is an Indian conglomerate with headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The company operates in various industries including infrastructure, power, oil and gas, telecommunications, and real estate. Groupl is known for its extensive portfolio of products and services.

The company specializes in infrastructure development, including roads, bridges, airports, and ports. They also have a strong presence in the power sector, with expertise in thermal, hydro, and renewable energy projects. Groupl offers oil and gas exploration and production services, as well as telecommunications infrastructure development and operations.

Additionally, the company is active in the real estate sector, engaging in the construction and development of residential and commercial properties. On a global scale, Groupl has a significant presence and operates across various countries. The company has established numerous subsidiaries, joint ventures, and partnerships to expand its reach worldwide.

Some of its noteworthy subsidiaries include Groupl Infra, Groupl Power, Groupl Oil & Gas, and Groupl Telecom. In terms of market position, Groupl is a leading player in the Indian infrastructure and power sectors. The company has a strong track record of successful project execution and has gained recognition for its high-quality work.

It faces competition from other major Indian conglomerates as well as international players operating in the same industries. Groupl has achieved several significant milestones over the years. Notably, in 2015, it secured the contract to develop the Navi Mumbai International Airport, one of the largest airport projects in India.

This project showcased the company's capabilities and strengthened its position in the infrastructure sector. As of the latest available information, Groupl continues to be a prominent player in the Indian business landscape. However, specific updates or key information regarding the company's current status are not available


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