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Consorcio Periodístico de Chile (Copesa)

Consorcio Periodístico de Chile (Copesa) is a Chilean media and publishing company.


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Consorcio Periodístico de Chile (Copesa), also known as Copesa S. A., is a renowned brand in the media industry. With a legacy spanning from 2009 to 2021, Copesa is committed to delivering high-quality journalism and information to its audience.

As a leading media company in Chile, Copesa offers a wide range of products and services. Copesa provides comprehensive news coverage through its various publications, ensuring that its readers stay informed with the latest happenings both locally and globally. Their extensive portfolio includes newspapers, magazines, and digital platforms, catering to diverse interests and preferences.

Recognized for their exceptional reporting and insightful analysis, Copesa has garnered a strong reputation for journalistic excellence. Their commitment to accuracy and integrity makes them a trusted source of news and information. Copesa takes pride in its commitment to transparency and ethical practices.

They have established a clear governance framework and encourage open communication through their Channel of Complaints. Additionally, they value their readers' feedback and strive to create a safe space for meaningful discussions. For any inquiries or to engage with Copesa, you can contact their central desk at 22 550 7000.

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