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Guelph Film Festival is one of the world’s first documentary film festivals, the Guelph Film Festival is dedicated to inspiring community engagement and appreciation of the arts by connecting people through stories of global reach and local relevance.


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Guelph Film Festival is a pioneering documentary film festival, dedicated to fostering community engagement and promoting the arts. With a focus on connecting people through stories of global significance and local relevance, this festival aims to inspire and educate. The Guelph Film Festival offers a wide range of projects and events that showcase the power of storytelling. Some of their notable initiatives include Tiny Docs, which features short documentaries, Moving Histories, which explores the evolution of cultural landscapes, and Stories of Place, which delves into the unique narratives of specific locations.

Additionally, the festival provides a platform for Hidden Histories to be uncovered and shared with a wider audience. Those interested in participating in the festival can contribute through general submissions or by submitting their own Tiny Docs for consideration. Community screenings and interactive events are also organized to further enhance the festival experience. To stay connected with the Guelph Film Festival, individuals can join as members or offer their support through donations.

The festival's website and Instagram page provide updates and glimpses into the captivating world of documentary filmmaking. For more information, please visit the Guelph Film Festival website or contact them via email or phone.


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