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Multigrind® ist unser Name für professionelles Schleifen.


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Adelbert Haas is a leading brand in the field of professional grinding, revolutionizing the industry with their innovative Multigrind® technology. With features like the patented tool changer system and the Multicube construction, they have set the standard for modern grinding centers. Their wide range of products and services cater to various industries and applications.

For tool and mold making, they offer precision tools and production concepts that provide a competitive edge in a competitive market. In the field of aerospace, where extreme strength and temperature resistance are required, Adelbert Haas delivers excellent dimensional accuracy and surface homogeneity. They also specialize in medical technology, providing oxidation-resistant workpieces for the highly demanding medical industry.

In addition, they offer solutions for machining tools, manufacturing and process engineering, pumping and conveying technology, drive and turbine technology, clamping and guiding technology, and energy and environmental technology. Adelbert Haas is known for their commitment to quality, precision, and efficiency, offering cutting-edge machinery like the Multigrind® Radical, Multigrind® CU, Multigrind® CA, Multigrind® CB, Multigrind® CB XL, and Multigrind® Horizon. With their expertise and forward-thinking approach, they are shaping the future of the grinding industry


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