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We offer licensed solutions for the control & removal of birds & animals that are humane, natural & can be scaled to suit any pest problem.


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Hawkeye Bird & Animal Control is your one-stop solution for all your animal, bird, and wildlife removal needs. With the necessary skills and licenses, our team of professionals can handle any situation and location with expertise and efficiency. We offer a comprehensive range of services, including bird control, animal control, and wildlife removal.

Whether you're dealing with pesky pigeons, noisy geese, or troublesome raccoons, skunks, or squirrels, we have the solutions to address your specific problem. At Hawkeye, we pride ourselves on our commitment to the humane and ethical treatment of animals, birds, and wildlife. We prioritize non-lethal methods and specialize in using falconry techniques, an ancient practice that relies on the bond between a bird of prey and its handler to relocate nuisance birds.

Our team of 12 professionals is highly trained in various disciplines, including rigging, climbing, wildlife rescue, and falconry, ensuring that we can handle emergencies and complex bird, animal, and wildlife issues effectively. We hold the necessary permits and licenses, including capture and relocation services permits, commercial falconry licenses, and pest control licenses. With Hawkeye, you can trust in our expertise for permanent removal and guaranteed results.

From the Greater Toronto Area to worldwide projects, we are here to provide top-notch animal, bird, and wildlife control and removal services wherever our help is needed. Contact us today for a written guarantee and reasonably priced services that you can rely on


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