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Healthcare. AI™ is a brand that offers a transformative suite of products and expert services, expanding the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the healthcare industry. With a focus on addressing critical business issues related to revenue, cost, and quality, Healthcare.

AI aims to enable healthcare leaders to make better decisions and gain faster insights with minimal margin for error. The Healthcare. AI framework consists of five levels: Analytics Integration, Choosing/Building Predictive Models, Optimizing Predictive Models, Retrospective Comparisons, and Prescriptive Optimization.

These levels cover a wide array of use cases, allowing for the effective use of AI within healthcare organizations. One of the challenges in integrating AI into healthcare analytics is the lack of integration with existing tools and workflows. Healthcare.

AI solves this issue by providing an easy one-button-click AI access into existing business intelligence (BI) tools and applications. By embedding statistical and machine learning techniques into the product suite modules, Healthcare. AI makes it easier for analysts to use advanced features within their existing workflows, leading to higher quality and faster insights.

In addition to the product suite, Healthcare. AI also offers expert services to help organizations choose, build, or optimize predictive models. These services ensure that organizations can effectively use AI for a wide variety of use cases beyond predictive analytics, such as retrospective comparisons and prescriptive optimization.

Healthcare. AI provides expert guidance and data science talent to support organizations in their AI journey. Overall, Healthcare.

AI aims to revolutionize healthcare analytics by providing a comprehensive solution that addresses the challenges faced in integrating AI into existing workflows and demonstrating the positive impact of AI within organizations


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