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Heaten developed a High Temperature Heat pump up to 200 C with high power (2-8MW) to decarbonise Industrial heat by reusing waste heat flows.


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Heaten is a brand that specializes in the development of high-temperature heat pump technology. Their flagship product, the HeatBooster, is an efficient, durable, and highly flexible piston machine-based heat pump that can achieve temperatures of up to 200°C. This cutting-edge technology allows Heaten to offer industrial heat pumps ranging from 1-8 MW th, which can replace traditional oil, gas, and coal boilers used in various industries.

The HeatBooster stands out as it can provide output temperatures above 100°C, making it one of the few heat pump technologies capable of reaching up to 200°C. It offers direct steam supply up to 12 bar and has a robust design with a service life of over 20 years. Despite its impressive performance, the HeatBooster is compact, with a 1.

5 MW th unit fitting into a 20ft container. With high coefficient of performance (COP) and compatibility with environmentally friendly working fluids, such as HFOs and HCs, the HeatBooster is an environmentally sustainable solution. Heaten's technology is designed to contribute to a drastic reduction in global CO2 emissions in the coming years.

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