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Monitor the availability and performance of your websites, servers or APIs with Hitflow and be the first to know when an incident occurs.


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Hitflow is a brand that specializes in providing performance reports to help you understand and enhance your website's access to users. With Hitflow, you can access detailed reports that identify and address any slowdowns on your websites and servers, ultimately improving the quality of access to your services. Through their website uptime monitoring service, you can analyze your website and review observed response times.

You can also track the list of alerts sent to contacts, allowing you to see the message and recipient of an alert. Additionally, Hitflow provides a comprehensive list of all requests sent to your website during availability tests, giving you valuable information about test conditions. Their server monitoring service allows you to study the use of your server's resources.

You can consult reports on the applications active on the server and the alerts sent when an overload is detected. Using graphs and detailed lists, you can track changes in processor load, memory usage, and storage space. Hitflow also offers data history views, where you can access lists and graphs of the history of requests sent or received, statistics on response times, hardware usage, and website downtime.

The data history retention for each server or website goes up to 12 months. Furthermore, Hitflow allows you to export data in various formats, such as complete PDF reports or raw data in list form, allowing for further analysis and customization. Discover the performance of your website for free with their discovery offer, and explore their range of offers and documentation to find the best fit for your needs.

Hitflow provides a user-friendly interface to monitor your website and server effortlessly


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