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We support women throughout their pregnancy and guide them through the process of obtaining a medical payment source, a medical provider and other needed social services to help mother and baby.


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Healthy Mothers is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving birth outcomes and promoting the well-being of pregnant women and their families in Palm Beach County. With a mission to provide compassionate and equitable prenatal care, education, and support, Healthy Mothers strives to address the physical, emotional, economic, and social challenges of pregnancy and infant wellness. The organization's vision is to ensure that all pregnant women have access to early prenatal care, education, and support, resulting in healthier birth outcomes and the elimination of disparities.

Since its establishment in 1985, Healthy Mothers has been committed to offering affordable care to any woman in need and has grown to have a team of 65 professionals who serve over 10,000 expectant women annually. With a renewed look and voice, Healthy Mothers is excited to embark on its future, guided by a strategic plan that focuses on programming, fundraising, and operations. The organization invites the community to join them on this journey to support the future of maternal health in Palm Beach County.

Healthy Mothers emphasizes the importance of prenatal care for optimal birth outcomes and believes that every expectant mother should have access to affordable care. They also recognize the significance of fathers and family members in the pregnancy and birth process and encourage their involvement. Furthermore, the organization is dedicated to providing love, support, and resources to women and infants, creating a nurturing environment for successful birth and motherhood.

Inclusivity is a core value for Healthy Mothers, and they advocate for equal care and representation for all families, striving to eliminate social, racial, and economic disparities in birth outcomes. By calling for just care and amplifying the voices of all families in their community, Healthy Mothers aims to make a positive impact on maternal health. For more information about Healthy Mothers and their services, interested individuals can contact their locations in Greenacres and Belle Glade or visit their website.

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