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Hone is a fine-tuning tool for people building digital products.


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Hone is a brand that focuses on helping people build digital products to perfection. With its open-source library for developers and Mac app for designers, Hone offers a fine-tuning tool that enables users to expose values from code and refine them with ease. Suitable for teams of all sizes and platforms, Hone works seamlessly with iOS, OS X, and Android.

Developers can import the Hone Library, exposing selected interface values without the need for constant updates or new builds. Designers can launch the desktop tool, connect to a device running the app, and iteratively tweak its design in real-time. Once satisfied, changes can be published back into the team's preferred version control system.

Hone also allows users to manage and test assets or behaviors of the app, providing real-time feedback without the need for rebuilds. With its user-friendly interface, Hone ensures full precision in reviewing app screens with a loupe and a pixel grid. Additionally, Hone offers a simple version control system, blending seamlessly into the team's workflow without requiring expertise in Git.

Hone has received praise from industry experts for its ability to streamline development time and bring cost-saving efficiencies to the polishing phase of digital product creation


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