Exceptional team of individuals with established track records of previous consultancy and research in the principles and best practice of design and development of curricula and assessments, extensive quality assurance work and wide experience in the postgraduate education arena, especially in the field of workplace based assessment design, implementation and quality assurance and evaluation.


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HPAC, Health Professional Assessment Consultancy, is a renowned brand that offers high-quality courses, consultancy services, and research in the field of health professions education. With a team of experienced consultants, HPAC specializes in evidence-based assessment and brings together experts who have been collaborating on various projects for years. Initially, HPAC conducted two annual courses, namely The Foundations of Assessment (FAC) and the International Advanced Assessment Course (IAAC), in London and Singapore.

However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, face-to-face courses were temporarily halted in 2020. Adapting to the changing circumstances, HPAC now provides a comprehensive suite of online courses and workshops, ensuring that individuals can continue their professional development remotely. Their consultancy work remains in demand as they review institutional assessment programs and deliver tailored Faculty Development courses globally.

In 2023, HPAC is thrilled to resume in-person courses, starting with the Advanced Assessment Course in partnership with the Royal College of Surgeons Dental Faculty. All of their consultants are highly skilled in curriculum and assessment design, quality assurance, and undergraduate and postgraduate education. Choose HPAC for top-notch education, consultancy, and research services in health professions education


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