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Human Rights Watch defends the rights of people in 100 countries worldwide, spotlighting abuses and bringing perpetrators to justice


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Human Rights Watch is a globally recognized organization committed to investigating and reporting on human rights abuses across the world. With a dedicated team of over 550 experts from various backgrounds and nationalities, including lawyers, journalists, and country specialists, we strive to protect the most vulnerable individuals, ranging from minority groups and civilians in wartime to refugees and children in need. We hold governments, armed groups, and businesses accountable by advocating for the enforcement and modification of laws, policies, and practices.

To maintain our independence, we refuse government funding and carefully scrutinize all donations to ensure they align with our mission and values. Our work comprises three essential pillars: investigation, exposure, and change. Our researchers gather crucial evidence of human rights violations in over 100 countries, creating an irrefutable record of abuse.

We then share these stories with millions of social media and online followers, leading to wider media coverage. Finally, we work alongside governments, corporations, rebel groups, and the United Nations to drive policy changes, law enforcement, and justice. Over the years, we have made significant strides in our mission.

From influencing global responses to the COVID-19 pandemic and advocating for the welfare of refugees in Europe to addressing the Russia-Ukraine war and the Rohingya crisis, we tackle some of the world's most pressing human rights crises. Our history dates back to 1978 when we started as Helsinki Watch to investigate rights abuses in countries that had signed the Helsinki Accords. Since then, our scope has expanded to five continents, focusing not only on government abuses but also on discrimination against marginalized groups.

We champion international justice and use innovative research methods, including satellite imagery and big data analysis, to expose violations. Join us in our pursuit of justice, dignity, compassion, and equality. Stay informed, take action, and support our work to defend human rights and create a better world for all


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