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Huidu Environmental is a recyclable packing material developer.


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Huidu Environmental is a technology enterprise dedicated to the research, production, operation, and reutilization of environmentally friendly packaging materials. As the first commercial company in China to launch environmentally friendly foldable shipping materials and shared circulation turnover boxes, Huidu Environmental offers low-cost logistics turnover packaging solutions to customers. With the development of a nationwide industrial supply chain recycling support system and the use of independently developed eco-friendly circulation boxes, circulation cold chain boxes, and eco-friendly circulation bags, Huidu Environmental aims to create a green and environmentally friendly packaging industry ecosystem.

The rapid growth of the e-commerce industry has accelerated the development of the packaging industry. The total output value of China's packaging industry in 2016 was nearly 25 trillion yuan, with 30 billion packages produced annually. The use of plastic bags and packaging boxes amounts to billions, and tape usage reaches 330 million rolls.

Traditional paper packaging boxes have many drawbacks, including low secondary recycling rates and serious pollution during production, use, and disposal, resulting in high costs for businesses. With increasing government and public awareness of environmental protection, there is a growing demand for new alternatives. Huidu Environmental's strong R&D team and intellectual property system ensure its leading position in the industry.

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