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Huq is the leading provider of location intelligence for strategic professionals in government, retail, real estate, and finance.


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Huq Industries is a leading brand that offers an instant place monitoring platform for decision-makers in Local Government, Retail, and Real Estate. With their modular platform, they provide a complete range of instant, accurate place monitoring products to help you find the most effective measurement solution for your specific needs. Their modules include Footfall, which allows you to learn how many people are present in the high streets or places you manage.

The Dwell module helps you find out how long visitors stay in areas or on high streets per visit. The Catchment module allows you to discover where visitors to the places you manage travel from. The Satisfaction module helps you understand what people do within an area and what they go elsewhere for.

With the Inverse Catchment module, you can find where local residents travel to beyond the bounds of their towns and places. The Visit Frequency module lets you discover how often visitors return to the places you manage. Huq's place monitoring platform provides evidence-based insights, allowing you to make smarter decisions and monitor change.

By understanding footfall volumes, visit frequency, and footfall density, you can unlock the potential in your local town centers, build thriving retail estates, and forecast performance across your complete CRE portfolio. Huq Industries' modular platform is the key to generating high-frequency, precision insights that enable you to create better places and achieve better ROI


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