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One of the Canada's largest integrated energy companies.


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Husky Energy is a Canadian integrated energy company with its headquarters in Calgary, Alberta. The company was founded in 1938 as Husky Refining Company and has since grown to become one of the largest publicly traded companies in Canada. Husky Energy operates in two primary business segments: Upstream, which includes exploration, development, and production of crude oil, natural gas, and natural gas liquids; and Downstream, which focuses on refining and marketing of petroleum and petrochemical products.

In terms of global operations, Husky Energy has a presence in North America, Asia Pacific, and Atlantic region. The company operates in the United States, where it has upstream assets in the Gulf of Mexico and ownership in downstream facilities in the Midwest. In Asia Pacific, Husky Energy holds interests in offshore oil and gas projects in China and Indonesia.

In the Atlantic region, the company has a significant presence in Canada's East Coast offshore oil and gas industry. Husky Energy has several noteworthy subsidiaries, joint ventures, and partnerships. It has a joint venture with CNOOC Limited, known as the Husky-CNOOC Madura Limited, which operates the Madura offshore production sharing contract in Indonesia.

The company also owns Husky Oil Operations Limited, Husky Oil China Ltd, and Husky (Sichuan) Petroleum Operations Ltd, among others. In terms of its market position, Husky Energy is considered one of Canada's largest energy companies. It has a strong presence in Canada's upstream oil and gas industry and operates one of the country's largest refinery networks.

Husky Energy has been a significant player in the global energy market, with a focus on expanding its operations and diversifying its asset portfolio. In recent years, Husky Energy has made significant changes to its brand's strategy and product lineup. The company has been prioritizing the development of lower-cost, higher-margin assets and has actively pursued partnerships and acquisitions to support its growth.

In 2020, Husky Energy entered into a merger agreement with Cenovus Energy, creating one of the largest energy companies in Canada. As of the latest available information, Husky Energy operates as a subsidiary of Cenovus Energy. The merger between the two companies was completed in January 2021, and Husky Energy is now part of the combined entity, Cenovus Energy.

This merger aims to create a stronger and more resilient company in the face of evolving market conditions and the energy transition. Overall, Husky Energy has a strong history as one of Canada's leading energy companies. Its global operations, diversified asset portfolio, and commitment to growth and innovation contribute to its position in the industry.

The recent merger with Cenovus Energy marks a significant milestone in the company's evolution and sets the stage for future success in the highly competitive energy sector


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