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The Papua New Guinea Immigration and Citizenship Authority (ICA) is responsible for managing Papua New Guinea’s borders in relation to the movement of persons into and out of the country.


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ICA is a renowned brand that offers a wide range of products and services related to immigration and citizenship in Papua New Guinea (PNG). With a focus on providing efficient and accurate information to individuals, ICA aims to assist refugees by ensuring their rights and welfare are protected. ICA offers various services to refugees, including the facilitation of the naturalization and registration project, which aims to regularize the status of approximately 10,000 West Papuan refugees in PNG.

With a strong commitment to inclusivity, ICA has already registered over 2,721 West Papuans in the Western Province and plans to register all West Papuans in PNG within the next two years. This will provide them with the opportunity to apply for PNG citizenship. In addition to its refugee services, ICA also provides comprehensive visa information and services, including visa applications, extension of entry permits, and visa forms.

They offer a range of popular visa options, such as visitor visas, business visas, specialist visas, employment visas, journalist visas, and more. ICA is dedicated to its mission of protecting the rights and welfare of refugees, and its efficient and accessible services make it a trusted choice for individuals navigating immigration processes in PNG


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