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ICA Gruppen is a leading retail company with focus on food and health.


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ICAGruppen, also known as ICA Gruppen AB, is a Swedish retail company that primarily operates in the grocery retail sector. It was founded in 1917 by Hakon Swenson and initially started as a cooperative federation of independent Swedish retailers. Over the years, it has grown and diversified its operations, becoming one of the largest grocery retailers in the Nordic region.

The company's headquarters are located in Solna, a municipality in Stockholm County, Sweden. The headquarters serve as the central hub for the company's various operations, including management, administration, and strategic decision-making. ICAGruppen offers a wide range of products and services through its various subsidiaries and banners.

Its main business segments include ICA Sweden, which operates a network of around 1,300 grocery stores across the country, ranging from large supermarkets to smaller convenience stores. ICA Banken is another significant subsidiary, which offers financial services such as savings accounts, loans, and insurance products. The company also operates ICA Real Estate, responsible for managing and developing the company's extensive real estate portfolio.

On a global scale, ICAGruppen has expanded its presence through partnerships, subsidiaries, and joint ventures. It has operations in Norway and the Baltic states through its subsidiary ICA Norway and Rimi Baltic. Additionally, the company has established joint ventures in several countries, including Denmark and Greece.

ICAGruppen holds a significant market position in the Nordic grocery retail industry. It primarily competes with other major players such as Coop, Axfood, and Bergendahls. In terms of global sales, ICAGruppen reported net sales of SEK 105.

5 billion in 2020. In recent years, ICAGruppen has focused on sustainability and responsible sourcing as part of its growth strategy. The company has made efforts to reduce its carbon footprint, promote organic and locally produced products, and contribute to community development.

These initiatives have helped enhance its brand reputation and attract environmentally-conscious consumers. As of the latest available information, ICAGruppen continues to be a prominent player in the Nordic retail market. The company's dedication to sustainability and its diversified portfolio of products and services are expected to drive its future growth and maintain its leading market position


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