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Ideon Science Park is one of Sweden’s most renowned Science Parks and incubators, operating at the intersection of business, academia, and society.


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Ideon Science Park is a well-known research and innovation hub located in Lund, Sweden. It was established in 1983, with the aim of promoting the growth and development of knowledge-based companies in the region. The park covers an area of approximately 40 hectares and is home to more than 400 companies, making it one of the largest science parks in Northern Europe.

The headquarters of Ideon Science Park is situated within the park itself. It serves as the central administrative center and provides various support services to the companies operating within the park. The headquarters also houses facilities for meetings, conferences, and collaborative activities among the park's stakeholders.

Ideon Science Park offers a wide range of products and services to its resident companies. It provides access to state-of-the-art laboratories, office spaces, and advanced research facilities. The park also offers business development support, mentoring programs, networking events, and access to funding opportunities.

It aims to foster an environment of innovation and collaboration, enabling companies to accelerate their growth and achieve their full potential. Although Ideon Science Park primarily operates within the Lund region, its impact extends globally through various partnerships and collaborations. The park has strategic alliances with universities, research institutes, and industry players across the world.

It regularly engages in joint research projects, knowledge transfers, and technology exchanges, facilitating international collaboration and business opportunities. Ideon Science Park has achieved a prominent market position as a leading innovation hub in Sweden and beyond. Its reputation for fostering entrepreneurship, innovation, and research excellence has attracted a diverse range of companies from various sectors.

This has contributed to its strong global sales and competitive advantage. In terms of competitors, other science parks and innovation ecosystems exist globally, but Ideon Science Park's long-standing reputation and comprehensive support services have maintained its strong position in the market. Over the years, Ideon Science Park has witnessed significant achievements and growth.

It has successfully supported the development of numerous successful companies and has become a thriving center for cutting-edge research and innovation. The park has also adapted to changing market dynamics and technology trends, continuously updating its strategies and services to stay at the forefront of the industry. As of the latest information available, Ideon Science Park remains a dynamic and active hub for innovation.

It continues to attract and support new startups, scale-ups, and established companies, fostering a vibrant ecosystem for collaboration and growth. The park regularly organizes events, workshops, and seminars to facilitate knowledge sharing and networking. Ideon Science Park's current status reflects its ongoing commitment to promoting research, innovation, and economic development in Sweden and beyond


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