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A principal Aim of the IHO is to ensure that all the world's seas, oceans and navigable waters are surveyed and charted.


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The International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) is dedicated to ensuring the comprehensive survey and charting of all the seas, oceans, and navigable waters around the world. As the leading global authority in hydrography, the IHO endeavors to promote the safety of maritime navigation and the sustainable use of marine resources. The IHO works in collaboration with staff members and member states to develop and implement a variety of initiatives and standards aimed at achieving its mission.

This includes the creation of basic documents, circular letters, and a strategic plan to guide its work. The organization also engages in inter-regional coordination, capacity building, and technical cooperation to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and resources among member countries. Furthermore, the IHO provides essential hydrographic services and standards through its Hydrographic Services and Standards Committee.

These services cover areas such as electronic navigation charts (ENC) and the Universal Hydrographic Data Model, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of navigational information for mariners worldwide. Stay informed about the IHO's activities through their publications, including the International Hydrographic Review and IHO Bulletin. Additionally, explore their online catalogues for more detailed information on their various publications.

Join the IHO in commemorating its 100-year anniversary and stay updated on their meetings, events, and news through their online calendar and social media platforms. As an organization committed to the responsible and effective management of our oceans, the IHO plays a vital role in safeguarding global maritime navigation and the sustainable development of our marine environment


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