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A Impulso promove o empreendedorismo e inovação através de metodologias e ferramentas próprias validadas em mais de 100 negócios lançados em Portugal


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Impulso is a brand that promotes entrepreneurship and innovation through their own validated methodologies and tools, which have been utilized in launching over 100 businesses in Portugal. Since 2018, Impulso has been dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs and small businesses, believing that they deserve to have their value recognized. They aim to simplify the process of starting a business and provide ongoing support throughout the journey.

Impulso creates opportunities for entrepreneurs and businesses to grow together. They offer solutions that cater to the different stages of business development, including Ignição (Ignition), which provides support for the initial steps of the entrepreneurial journey, and Expansão (Expansion), which offers everything needed to grow a business in one place. As a community of over 800 entrepreneurs and small businesses, Impulso is committed to valuing and supporting its members.

They stand out by providing tailored solutions that are simple, intuitive, and cost-effective. They simplify the best tools for business creation and growth and foster entrepreneurship in Portugal through a collaborative community of entrepreneurs. Impulso also has a movement called CompraAosPequenos (Buy from Small Businesses), which was created to support small businesses in reinventing themselves and surviving the pandemic.

This movement has reached every corner of the country, where thousands of consumers discover and support these proudly small businesses. With an impressive track record, Impulso has supported over 1,000 small businesses in their community, empowered over 230 entrepreneurs through Ignição, and launched 190 businesses into the market. They prioritize the success of entrepreneurs and offer access to quality services and professionals.

To learn more about Impulso and get answers to your questions, you can visit their website and check out their frequently asked questions (FAQs) or contact them directly. They value your privacy and have a clear privacy policy in place. So, join Impulso and let's embark on an entrepreneurial journey together!


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