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We combine relief work's flexibility with associate work's stability, add full benefits and a team of docs to support you.


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IndeVets, based in Philadelphia, PA, is a brand on a mission to revolutionize veterinary medicine. They believe that veterinarians deserve to love their job and have a life outside of it. With their innovative approach to relief work, IndeVets offers a new way to practice veterinary medicine that brings joy back into the profession.

As practicing vets themselves, the founders of IndeVets understand the burnout experienced by many in the industry. They started from scratch to create a way of practicing that reminds veterinarians why they became vets in the first place. IndeVets provides immediate support through a private clinical chat, ensuring that vets never fly solo, with an average response time of less than 15 minutes.

IndeVets allows veterinarians to do the type of work they love, with a variety of shift types to choose from, whether it's surgery or a focus on clinical work. One of the biggest advantages of being an IndeVet is the flexibility to schedule shifts around personal life, allowing for more quality time with loved ones and the freedom to take vacations when needed. With IndeVets, veterinarians enjoy the best of both worlds, experiencing the freedom of relief work coupled with the stability of an associate position.

Partnering with highly qualified small animal veterinarians, IndeVets ensures their hospitals meet their rigorous clinical standards, including emphasizing Fear Free practices and embracing both Eastern and Western techniques. IndeVets is changing the veterinary industry, one shift at a time. As their satisfied veterinarians attest, the joy and fulfillment of being an IndeVet is truly unparalleled.

Join IndeVets and rediscover your passion for veterinary medicine. (Note: The provided text was too long, so it was trimmed down to meet the word count limit while maintaining the key information. )


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